Counseling for Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety stems from our survival, fear response. It’s designed to put you on high alert and protect you from physical threat. The problem is even an emotional threat – including when we are critical with ourselves – sets off this fear response. Then, the anxiety hits – stress is through the roof, your heart rate increases, your mind is racing – maybe you are on the verge of panic. How do you get through your day with this happening?

Living with Anxiety

It can be debilitating to be always on edge and high alert. Triggers into anxiety seem everywhere. You may even wake up in a panic. Trying to find peace in the midst of anxiety feels impossible. You may avoid social situations or struggle to stay focused at work with anxiety symptoms hitting at any time.

Therapy Can Help You Cope

In therapy, we work together so you understand your emotions and triggers. I’ll help you face past trauma from an internal calm and wise center with self-compassion that creates a path to healing. I will help you access self-compassion, which takes you to a newer, more advanced area of your brain.

I am trained in Internal Family Systems to guide you on a journey to healing. It is a method that focuses on understanding different parts of you and how they respond to the challenges in your life. The goal is to help your older, wiser self start to lead your life from your heart. This can help you find peace and calm your anxiety.